10 thoughts on “In the news: Modern Day Slavery/Human Trafficking…”

  1. I think it’s really sad that it’s still such huge differences between black/white, female/male today. It shocked me a little bit that it didn’t even make the headlines, when tragedies happens I expect to hear about it. Color or sex shouldn’t matter. I hate discrimination and unfairness really bad, such thing pisses me off.
    Maybe they aren’t talked about because they’ve been raped or prostitutes? Not that such things should matter they are still people.

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  2. I think it’s quite shocking to read this and knowing that we are in 2017 – and not to mention that trafficking and ”slavery” is still such a big issue, it’s horrifying. Why aren’t all lives worth the same, aren’t we passed this childish phase by judging people by their religion, skin color and so on?

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  3. Sex trafficking is a serious matter, and the fact that Italy has seen a 600 percent increase in potential victims arriving by sea is shocking. I liked that the article also mentioned that african men are burned and tortured by Libyan smugler who want them to work in unbearable conditions, because i feel like we focus too much on women being abused and easily forget that there are men out there who experience violence like this too.

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  4. People dont care about this because we read about it every day in the news.
    It sad of course, but i feel like we hear about this too much.
    The worst thing is that they were 14-18 years old, and they will never be identified because they have no family.


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