In the news: Hunger increasing due to climate change


Hunger increasing due to climate change, according to a UN report.

It found that 821 million people — one in every nine — were malnourished in 2017, up from 815 million in 2016, putting at risk the UN’s goal of eradicating hunger in the world by 2030.

Fagdag October 5th

Topic: The Global Goals

In groups of three, choose one of the UN Goals which we have not already worked with (so avoid goal 1-5).

Make sure your group choose a goal no one else has chosen.

Plan and make an oral presentation where you include the following:

  • what is the problem?
  • what/who is causing this problem and/or preventing a solution?
  • What can be done to improve the situation?
  • Who is working for improvement? (organizations etc)
  • why is this relevant for the UN?
  • what is the group’s personal opinion of this problem?
  • what do your group think about a possible solution?
  • What can a single individual do to help?

Your presentation should be about 10 minutes long, and you should be ready to present at 12:00 today.

This will be graded individually.

Criteria for evaluation

1-2 3-4 5-6



Has a simple presentation, does not look at the audience, bound by script, no creativity Has some contact with the audience, somewhat free from the script, uses some creativity in his/her presentation Has good contact with the audience, knows the script by heart, creative and independent presentation




Simple content, has worked very little with different sources, shows little independent thought and research. Answers only some of the assignment given. Good content with some independent research, has clearly worked with different sources. Answers the assignment. Independent and well-researched content, and a thorough answer of the assignment. Explains and gives examples. Has worked well with different sources and manages to use them in an independent manner.
Pronunciation Has a clear Norwegian accent, struggles with pronouncing a lot of words


Has a good pronunciation overall, struggles with some words. Pronunciation and accent are close to, or, flawless


Has a simple vocabulary, uses a lot of repetition and little variation. Has a broad vocabulary, with some more advanced words. Shows that he/she understands the words they use. Has an advanced and varied vocabulary, varies in sentence structure and length. Understands and are able to use and explain difficult concepts and definitions.


Hamza, Johanne Marie, Johann

Linnéa, William, Jessica

Marius, Sandra, Jannis

Yasmin, Christina, Martine

Karethe, Liban, Emilie

In the news: Erna Solberg speaks to UN General Assembly

She mentioned the importance of girls’ education and spoke about other sustainable development goals, such as Life below Water and the huge amount of plastics found in our oceans. She also spoke about Norway’s candidacy for a seat in the UN Security Council.

H.E. Mrs.Erna Solberg

Listen to the whole speech/read the transcript here:

“The extremists have shown what frightens them the most – a girl with a book”

Yesterday, this article was posted in the New York Times. It relates directly to the topics we are working with, quality education and gender equality. It is about an incident in Pakistan where 14 schools, most of them for girls, where burned down during one night, in a district where only 11% of the girls know how to read and write.


Girl Rising

“One girl with courage is a revolution”

Girl Rising is a film about the benefits of educating girls. It introduces nine girls from around the world in their struggle to get an education and achieve their dreams.

The film was released in 2013 and is part of the Girl Rising campaign.

As we watch the film, take notes, as you are to write a review afterwards. This will be graded.

Reflect on and include your own thoughts on the following questions in your review:

  • Which girls’ stories made the greatest impression on you? Why? 
  • “One girl with courage is a revolution”. After watching the film, what does that phrase imply – do you agree or can you think of a better catchphrase?
  • Girl Rising is neither pure journalism, nor fiction. The filmmakers have tried to go beyond the facts into the human experience. Did you find yourself getting lost in the stories in a way that was interesting or effective? Why or why not?
  • The girls of Girl Rising live in very difficult circumstances. Yet they do not consider themselves as victims. Are you able, through the storytelling, to relate to their lives in a way that lets you empathize rather than sympathize? Why or why not?
  • What are the messages from the film that you think will resonate most strongly with people who are not already familiar with this issue?

If you need advice on how to write a review, you can read it here. Remember to include sources you have used.


  • Hanna

The Power of Film

A film has the power to inform, influence and impress on its audience a certain message. Convey knowledge, broaden our perspective and in some cases make us take action.

We have watched two films in class, Girl Rising (2013, directed by Richard Robbins) and Before the Flood (2016, directed by Fisher Stevens), which clearly want us to take action. Would you recommend one or both of these films to anyone? If so, to whom and why? If not, why?

Do you know of another film that you would highly recommend people watching, and if so, why?

Write a blog post in which you discuss how a film can create an impact on people and society. Use at least two films as examples, at least one of which should be one we have seen in class. Comment on target audience as well as topic and / or narration, depending on what you find is the main goals of the films.


In the news: Watergrabbing

Read about the practice of watergrabbing and how it affects people in Palestine and other areas here:

Also take a look at this video from Al-Jazeera: