International Day

Work with this task:

Do option 2 as a post on your blog.

Below you find a link to a google docs document. Choose two rooms you want to participate in on International Day (one black and one red) and write your name in the corresponding box. No more than two students per class in each box!

Now find more information about the rooms (human library and other rooms/activities) in the link below. Make an information poster to be put on the door and which can also be shared with teachers and students before International Day. E-mail this to your teacher no later than Friday, October 27 1 pm.


Operation Day’s Work

Since 1964, Norwegian students have worked one day each year to give money and solidarity to fellow students around the world.

This year, Operation Day’s Work is cooperating with the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature (Norges Naturvernforbund) and Nature and Youth (Natur og Ungdom) to support projects in Nigeria.

Use the information from OD’s websiteNature and Youth and the films from the Norwegian Society for the Conservation of Nature here and here, and write your own blog post where you imagine presenting Operation Day’s Work to someone who has never heard about this organization. You should also present this year’s project, in your own words, where you include some of the things that stayed with you after having seen the films. Discuss why this particular project is important and why students at Fagerlia should participate.

Post your blog before Monday, September 4th.