In the news – Ebola: Attackers kill DR Congo journalist shining light on virus

Last week you worked to help enable youth in DR Congo choose education over working in mines. But did you know that that is only one issue the country is facing? Another is Ebola, and an epidemic has plagued the country since August 2018. Sadly, people working towards spreading information and trying to prevent the disease from spreading further are becoming targets… Read this short update from BBC for the current situation and yesterday’s violent attack on a journalist and his wife.

International Day at Fagerlia

Every year many Norwegian teenagers spend one day working with the primary objective to donate their salary to an organisation working towards helping teenagers living in conflict areas somehow improve their lives. The Norwegian organisation behind this solidarity work is called Operation Day’s Work, and they collaborate with different organisations every year, helping youth in different areas of the world and dealing with different issues every year.

This year, the project concerns raising funds to help Palestinian youth, and through various programmes and activities enable them to deal with mental health issues, practice democratic and non-violent ways of changing society, and promote gender equality.

The day prior to working, the students at Fagerlia participate in a so-called “International Day”, where you meet and participate in activities that raise awareness of problem areas around the world, and what solidarity really means. This year you attend lectures informing you about why this year’s project is devoted to Palestinian youth. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet a range of people involved in solidarity work one way or another, people acquainted with the Middle East because they are from there or have studied there, or you have the opportunity to meet refugees from different areas around the world.

Could you write a blog post on one of your experiences today? You could write about the entire day and your experiences throughout the day, or you could choose what made the biggest impression on you and describe what and why. Whether you write one or three paragraphs is entirely up to you.

Hilde & Ingunn

Ingunn’s students: you will get the first half of class on Monday to write this blog post, before you start working with the film “Shooting Dogs” about the genocide in Rwanda in 1994. Try to finish your blog post on international day in class, and no later than Wednesday night. This is not a graded assignment.



International Day

Work with this task:

Do option 2 as a post on your blog.

Below you find a link to a google docs document. Choose two rooms you want to participate in on International Day (one black and one red) and write your name in the corresponding box. No more than two students per class in each box!

Now find more information about the rooms (human library and other rooms/activities) in the link below. Make an information poster to be put on the door and which can also be shared with teachers and students before International Day. E-mail this to your teacher no later than Friday, October 27 1 pm.