Gap Year

Watch the first episode of the series Gap Year 

Discuss in your groups:

What is a gap year?

Why does the travel writer they meet on the plane warn Sean and Dylan about going to China? Where should they go instead? Why do you think she says this? What is the reason they are going to China?

What is the difference between Sean and Dylan when it it comes to their background and what they did before they went on this trip?

What stereotypes of and prejudices against American tourists do we see in this film? How are they treated differently at the music festival on the wall? Comment especially on the experiences the Chinese-American girl makes.

Do you think a series like this can teach us something about culture and cultural stereotypes? Give reasons for your answer.

If you were to do a gap year, what would you like to do?

Study and Work Abroad

Do you plan to study abroad? As part of a degree, or as an exchange student? Our class has looked into the benefits and challenges of studying abroad and we have read various texts, blogs and  looked into the practical aspects of studying abroad (such as ANSA, Lånekassen, NOKUT).

Task 1: Choose a university/learning institution in a country you would like to know more about, and make a presentation and share this with your group. Your presentation should last approximately 5 minutes and you should include what you can study there, what it costs, what activities they offer and why you would like to study here.

Task 2: Write a personal letter or statement to the university/learning institution that tells about yourself- your hopes, ambitions, life experiences and inspirations. You could focus on your background and how this has shaped your dreams and aspirations, or tell about a personal talent or quality, accomplishment, contribution or experience that is important to you. How does this relate to what person you are? Remember to write persuasively. Here are some samples of a personal statement and you could also listen to Tim Minchin’s nine life lessons speech for inspiration.