Oprah Winfrey’s Golden Globe Speech

Find it here. At the top of the article is just a short clip, while at the bottom you find the entire speech on film. The article contains a transcript of the speech.

You can use this transcript to look for language features and literary devices she uses in her speech. This is excellent practice for task 1a on the exam.

In the news…

The #metoo campaign has inspired women everywhere to come forward and tell their stories about harassment and abuse.

Read the stories of Maryam Mehtar, Shaharzad Akbar, Zubaida, and several other women choosing to stay anonymous in fear of serious repercussions, in The New York Times.

Write a short post where you:

  1. Write an introduction of what you already know of the #metoo campaign and the silence breakers.
  2. Include a quote from the article, and discuss/explain why this quote spoke to you and why you chose to include it in your post.
  3. Reflect on what you learn from this post – what kind of impression does it give you of Afghan society – how do you think the harassment culture can be changed, both in Afghanistan and elsewhere?


(Picture borrowed from http://subversify.com/2017/10/19/metoo/)

In the news…

for those of you who finished presenting and listening on Monday:

Read this article about extreme poverty in the USA from the Guardian, and write a short blog post explaining:

  • why is the UN investigating this issue?
  • How can extreme poverty exist in such a rich country?
  • Does the article offer any solutions for this problem?
  • what do you think could be a good way to eradicate extreme poverty in the US?




Today Americans celebrate Thanksgiving, which is the most important US holiday celebrated by Americans all over the world. However, in the US multicultural society not everyone feels comfortable celebrating Thanksgiving. Perhaps this article can give you an immigrant’s perspective on Thanksgiving as well as give you assications to the short story “Free for All”? If you would like to know more about this,  read Viet Thanh Ngyen`s opinion “Feeling Conflicted on Thanksgiving”.15Nguyen-Color-superJumbo