Gap Year

Watch the first episode of the series Gap Year 

Discuss in your groups:

What is a gap year?

Why does the travel writer they meet on the plane warn Sean and Dylan about going to China? Where should they go instead? Why do you think she says this? What is the reason they are going to China?

What is the difference between Sean and Dylan when it it comes to their background and what they did before they went on this trip?

What stereotypes of and prejudices against American tourists do we see in this film? How are they treated differently at the music festival on the wall? Comment especially on the experiences the Chinese-American girl makes.

Do you think a series like this can teach us something about culture and cultural stereotypes? Give reasons for your answer.

If you were to do a gap year, what would you like to do?

Preparing for the term test

Testing, testing, testing… Students are tested in every subject more or less all the time and International English is no exception!  To prepare for this we arrange term tests, because we want our students to be equipped for a written exam.  On December 5, Målfrid’s students worked with task 1 of a former exam. You can also listen to the speech as a Ted Talk. We want to share our knowledge with others and have made a padlet about literary devices and language features which you can access here.

Although we use blogs in our teaching, we still want our students to use a formal, academic style. Here is some useful guidance.  Good luck with your term tests!



World Food Day October 16

And hunger crisis in Africa. Heard it before? Yes, but this time, a humanitarian crisis is taking place in South Sudan, Yemen, Nigeria and Northern Somalia. According to the UN, this is the worst and most devastating hunger catastrophy since the UN was founded in 1945. In addition, hunger and malnutrition are the number one risk worldwide:

UN’s sustainable goal no. 2 aims at zero hunger by 2030.

Find out: What has caused a hunger crisis in these African countries?

Discuss: What can be done by the world community to help these countries?

Read the short story “The Ultimate Safari” by Nadine Gordimer. What do you think is the overall theme of the story and how can the story relate to current humanitarian crises?


World Car Free Day

Join the world’s car free day and ride your bike or walk to school on September 22. Transportation counts for the highest emission of climate gasses in Norway. More interesting statistics on this can be found here:

Here in Fagerlia we are trying to set a record in the number of bikers passing the counting station next to the bus stop – Ålesund kommune will be there handing out surprises to bikers between 7.30 and 8.30:)