Welcome to a new school year! Congratulations on choosing English 1:)

International English is now history and the name of our subject is English 1. However, many of the things from International English are also very relevant in the new subject. So for now, we are leaving the categories and previous posts as they are, but as the school year progresses, we will be adding and editing more.

The first order of business is for you to create your own blogs. Remember, this is an educational blog, which will be evaluated, so keep it tidy and professional. Use https://www.wordpress.com and choose a free account. When making your account you can choose whether to have a public, private or hidden blog, but no matter which you choose you have to share the link with your teacher.

You will receive assignments to publish on your blogs, and some of these will be graded with grades, others will be graded “approved” / “not approved”. This is a good way to practice and develop your writing skills.

So, get to it! Create your blog, and include links to other public blogs of your classmates, as well as our teacher blog, if you find other relevant sites you are free to link to these as well.  You might also include a map so you can see where your visitors are from.

We encourage you to read some of your fellow students blogs – both for inspiration and to support each other. Maybe also leave a comment?

Once you have created your blog, it is time to write your very first blog post, in which you include the following:

  • a bit about you – who are you, your interests etc.
  • why you chose the subject English 1
  • what expectations you have for this subject and what your teacher can do to best help you thrive in it
  • and finally, write a paragraph about something you would like to learn more about and why, based on the competence aims and the preliminary year plan in the subject. Also include suggestions or thoughts on how to work with this topic/these topics.

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