The Power of Film

A film has the power to inform, influence and impress on its audience a certain message. Convey knowledge, broaden our perspective and in some cases make us take action.

We have watched two films in class, Girl Rising (2013, directed by Richard Robbins) and Before the Flood (2016, directed by Fisher Stevens), which clearly want us to take action. Would you recommend one or both of these films to anyone? If so, to whom and why? If not, why?

Do you know of another film that you would highly recommend people watching, and if so, why?

Write a blog post in which you discuss how a film can create an impact on people and society. Use at least two films as examples, at least one of which should be one we have seen in class. Comment on target audience as well as topic and / or narration, depending on what you find is the main goals of the films.


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