Good Health and Well-Being

Sustainable Goal nr. 3: Good Health and Well-Being, is the last of the UN Sustainable Development Goals we will work in-depth with, at least for now.

This goal was one of the most cited ones in August, when you were to choose which goals you found most important.


Start by reading up – what is the actual goal about and what are they focusing on? You will find all this here.

So how is it going? Will we be able to reach this goal by 2030? The latest progress report from the UN is short and informative. In some areas things are going the right way, in others not so much.

Some diseases and epidemics are still causing a lot of problems, such as HIV/AIDS – especially for women in sub-Saharan Africa, Malaria, Ebola – with recent new outbreaks in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Also, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, cancer and air pollution are huge problems and each cause millions of death every year.

Write a blog post including the following:

  • After reading the two texts about Goal. 3, linked to here – what do you think are the  biggest challenges yet to solve in order for this goal to be reached? Explain your answer.
  • Use WHO’s website or other relevant pages you find and look at emergencies. Choose either an area or a disease and do some research – what is going on here? What emergency is being caused by this disease, or what medical emergencies are going on in the area you chose? Read up, and then explain in your own words. Include what is being done, and look up other sources as well to see if you can find more supporting evidence.
  • Reflect: based on your new knowledge about a disease, or an area in medical emergency – what would you say is being done to reach goal 3? What would you say is NOT being done, but should be done? Can you think of any challenges that could hinder progress for this goal? Which and why? Can you think of any solutions for these challenges?



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