• What is poverty?
  • Try to make up your own definition of this term
  • Who are the poor?
  • Why does poverty exist?
  • Will we ever be able to eradicate poverty?

Take 15 minutes to write down your thoughts on these questions, and then discuss with a classmate.


We are going to read to hand-out texts today, and work with them (one factual and one fictional.) The short story “A Real Lady” is written by an Indian freelance journalist and blogger, Nita J. Kulkarni. If you want to check out her blog, you can find it here. Kulkarni writes about life, politics, different issues, movies, literature etc, with a main focus on India, but not just that. Her blog is definitely worth the visit.


Asria Mohamed

Today we are so lucky to have a visitor – Asria Mohamed. She works for The Norwegian Support Committee for Western Sahara, and will be talking about the Morroccan occupation, life in Algerian refugee camps, and the part of the UN in this conflict.

You are going to write a blog post about this visit – a portrayal of Asria and of what she works for. Therefor you need to pay close attention to what she tells us – maybe take notes (?) – and feel free to ask your own questions. You should also ask her permission to publish your blog post and if you take a picture of her – you need to ask permission to publish that as well. The blog post is to be published by Friday October 6th at the latest. If you have trouble publishing your blog you send what you have written to your teacher.

Enjoy the visit – Asria is an excellent speaker and a brilliant woman.


Picture from: http://www.vest-sahara.no/a1x1724